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Soothing and very refreshing, it is the most natural care for eye care

Organic blue water of Centaur blue without the addition of alcohol
Latin Name : Centaurée cyanus
Centaurian flower water comes from the distillation of fresh flowers collected in the Auvergne region.
Soothing and very refreshing, it is the most natural care for eye care.
Soothes and soothes irritated eyes and reduces dark circles.
It relieves tired eyes while it is extremely effective in treating irritations (with local compresses).
Removes makeup from the eye area in a gentle and natural way.
Soothes and cools the skin while thanks to its anti-inflammatory action soothes small skin irritations.
Flower waters (Hydrolats) because they contain in concentrated form the valuable ingredients of the essential oils of plants and herbs from
which they come, are extremely beneficial for the skin.
Flower waters are considered to be products of the process of production of essential oils.
This is the pure water produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. Due to their exceptional purity, they occupy an important place
in the practices of Aromatherapy and skin care.
They are intended for direct use on the skin as they respect the pH of the skin and / or as an ingredient in cosmetics.
Organic cultivation in selected areas of France and the proper distillation of raw materials ensure the high quality of our flower waters.
The dark blue packaging guarantees the ideal protection of these treasures of nature from light and UV radiation.
Use flower water daily to cleanse and tone the skin of the face.
Origin : FRANCE
For the preparation of 1 liter of Centaurian flower water, 1 kg of fresh flowers are required, a ratio that is a guarantee for the high
concentration of concentrated aromatic substances of superior quality!
Ingredient INCI: Centaurea cianus flower water *, sodium benzoate, citric acid
99.7% of all ingredients are of natural origin
99.6% of all ingredients are organically grown
Paraben free
Ether Glycol, PEG free
GMO free
No petrochemical compounds
Not tested on animals.
No animal by-product
Not use coloring agents
100% natural fragrance
Organic Cosmetics. Organic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife available at http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com
Dermatologically tested

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