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ECOCERT certification, the appropriate guarantee for each product adds value to our name

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Our vision

Bio Center basically has in focus mankind , its well-being, the perfection of body and soul, protecting the perfection of nature itself and its unique beauty.

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Our organic and natural world

each product selected with the sole purpose of improving everyone's health with natural and organic ingredients

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Our commitment

To live life, to love it, to feel good about yourself, to smile every day is our mission! Beyond beauty, where the truth appears! Vish buzeqeshjen!


Welcome to our family! You may have heard about us, by chance or on purpose, and now you're thinking why did you come here? If you like getting to know new things, living well, always having confidence in yourself, then you are in the right place. Here you will find honest stories about how your diet and lifestyle can change your life forever. You will get to know new things, seemingly simple but with a different story, making each of them unique. With love: BIO CENTER.

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Yogi Tea

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The tea with which the history of YOGI TEA began.

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The founder for the diversity of unique flavors of Yogi teas.

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Unique blend and a fantastic combination of traditional spices.

cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper.

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Relaxing,, Delicious, spicy, and wonderful.

Bio Centre Albania Blog

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